The ALD Working Group


Welcome to the website of the Area of Local Distinctiveness Working Group The Working Group was formed by ECAD in 2006 to steer the ALD project for Earlsdon. It is hoped that the 'Area of Local Distinctiveness' Project will go some way to protecting the character of the Earlsdon area.

The Group has already undertaken an extensive survey of the area and this is ongoing. With the help of Planning Officers of Coventry City Council the it is producing an area report which will form the basis of future planning guidance for Earlsdon.

On this website you will find a copy of the first draft report. Please note that this is a working document and is far from completion. However it is published here for information and residents are invited to comment and contribute. If you would like to know more about the project please contact one of the resident members below.

This Working Group comprises of both residents and CIty Council Officers:

Sheila Adams - Resident
Gwen Nodder- Resident
Kevin Noble - Resident
Mark Singlehurst - City Council Conservation Team
Kevin Wilkins - City Council Urban Design Team


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