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Publications currently available from the Group include:

'Old St. Thomas's' by  Mary Montes

'Earlsdon Cottage Inn' by Mary Montes

'Schooldays Remembered (Earlsdon School)' by  Mary Montes 

'Earlsdon Heritage Trail' by Mary Montes

'Earlsdon Cookery Book (re-printed)'  Edited by Linda Holmes

'White and Poppe Ltd.'   by Jeromy Hassell

'The Coventry Machinists' Company' by Jeromy Hassell

'Joseph White of Coventry' by Jeromy Hassell


All books can be obtained from William Dunn, 19 The Riddings, Earlsdon, Coventry
(enquiries  024 7667 3431)

The Earlsdon Heritage Trail can also be obtained  from the Earlsdon Community Library, Earlsdon Avenue North.

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