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The Albany Social Club

]The Albany Club

The building which houses the Albany Social Club has been altered substantially since it was first built in 1889 and was opened as a coffee tavern. The coffee tavern did not prove popular and closed after just one year. It later reopened as the Earlsdon Working Mens Club, run by local men. As well as the provision of a bar, reading room, games room and concert hall there was also a Benevolent Fund, there were outings, flower and vegetable shows and concerts. The club flourished until 1931 when it was closed by the police due to some minor misdemeanour. After a few months it reopened with a new committee and a new name - The Albany Social Club. It is unfortunate that the frontage has been 'modernised' on more than one occasion, the roof height being reduced between 1976-78, but despite this it is still possible to get an idea of the original attractiveness of the building.

The Albany Club

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