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1851 Census

Transcript of Piece H107/2067
Coventry St Michael, District 34

This is a transcript of the 1861 Census showing all the residents of Earlsdon at that time. Simply use the ‘Find on this Page’ facility in your browser to search for names or addresses. Please note that the numbers below are Census schedule numbers and not house numbers.

Page 8
30, The White House
Thomas Hough, Hd, Mar, 55, Licensed Victualler, Derby
Ann Hough, Wife, Mar, 54, , Warks Coventry
Joseph Hough, Son, Un, 26, Licensed House Dealer, Warks Coventry
Frederick Hough, Son, Un, 19, Apprentice to Watchmaker (Finisher), Warks Coventry
Arthur Hough, Son, Un, 13, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Richard Osborne, Serv, Un, 18, Servant General, Warks Walcott
Maria Worrall, Serv, Un, 16, Servant General, Warks Grandborough

31, Stivichale Villa
Abraham Kendrick Dunn, Hd, Mar, 42, Tanner and Carrier, Warks Coventry
Sarah Dunn, Wife, Mar, 40, , Warks Coventry
Rhoda Kendrick Dunn, Dau, Un, 14, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Bryan Dunn, Son, , 13, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Abraham Kendrick Dunn, Son, , 11, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Elizabeth Dunn, Dau, , 9, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Sarah Maria Dunn, Dau, , 7, Scholar, Warks Coventry
Louisa Dunn, Dau, , 4, , Warks Coventry
Alice Edgeworth Dunn, Dau, , 4m, , Warks Coventry
Ann Burdett, Serv, Un, 20, House Servant, Northants Thornsby
Jane Facer, Serv, Un, 17, Nurse Maid, Northants West Haddon

32, Stivichale Common Cottage
William Davies Jephcott, Hd, Mar, 36, Farmer of 11 Acres, Warks Coventry
Martha Coke Jephcott, Wife, Mar, 33, , Derby
Thomas H T Coke Jephcott, Son, Un, 13, Apprenticed to Ribbon trade, Warks Coventry

Page 9
Emily Maria Coke Jephcott, Dau, , 7, , Warks Coventry
Martha El;izabeth Coke Jephcott, Dau, , 5, , Warks Coventry
Isaax William Coke, Jephcott, Son, , 3, , Warks Coventry
Charlotte Ann Coke Jephcott, Dau, , 1, , Warks Coventry
Thomas Ward, Serv, Un, 17, Farm Labourer, Warks Napton

33, Elsdon Lane (now Earlsdon Avenue)
Peter Brain, Hd, Mar, 78, Farm Labourer, Warks Napton
Sarah Brain, Wife, Mar, 70, , Northants Branston

34, Elsdon Lane (now Earlsdon Avenue)
Thomas Bird Bailey, Hd, Mar, 35, Fringe and Trimming Maker, Middx London
Anne Bailey, Wife, Mar, 35, , Warks Coventry
Jane Ann Bailey, Dau, , 9, Scholar at home, Warks Coventry
Elizabeth Bailey, Dau, , 8, Scholar at home, Warks Coventry
Frederick Bailey, Son, , 7, Scholar at home, Warks Coventry
Ann Bailey, Dau, , 4, , Warks Coventry
Mary Louisa Bailey, Dau, , 2, , Warks Coventry
Arthur francis, Bailey, Son, , 9m, , Warks Coventry
Ann Wareham, Serv, Un, 23, House Servant, Warks Stoneleigh

35, Broomfields
Caroline Mercer, Hd, Wid, 48, Watch Manufacturer, Warks Coventry
Charles Mercer, Son, Un, 22, Watch Maker Finisher, Warks Coventry
Martha Sharpe Mercer, Dau, Un, 13, Scholar, Warks Coventry

Page 10
Fanny Lee Bennett, Visitor, Un, 24, Farmers Servant, Warks Bilton
Pheobe Bartlem , 35, House Servant, Warks Balsall

36 Broomfields
Joseph Carver, Hd, Mar, 66, Agricultural Labouer, Warks Coventry
Ann Carver, Wife, Mar, 57, , Warks Coventry

Hersall Common
John Crosby, Hd, Mar, 66, Agricultural Labourer, Warks Coventry
Hannah Crosby, Wife, Mar, 57, , Hamps Hambleton

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