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Styvechale Avenue

Styvechale Ave

These first couple of houses in Styvechale Avenue were less than a year old when this picture was taken. The undeveloped plots and crude temporary fencing around the buildings can be clearly seen. Immediately to the left is the entrance to the recently opened Osborne Road giving ready access to Earlsdon Street. All this area of south western Earlsdon was developed at this time from part of what was originally Earlsdon Farm. This part of the farm was acquired by the "Earlsdon Syndicate" who marketed the building plots. Most of the earliest building in Syvechale Avenue and neighbouring Warwick Avenue was carried out by a G E Jenkins, though, J G Gray, who was to find fame through buying Coombe Abbey in the 1920s, was also responsible for quite a few of the houses.

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