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Earlsdon Watchmakers Trail

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Earlsdon is rich in watchmaker history, having been established in the mid 19th century by many who were connected with the trade. The watchmakers who lived and worked in Earlsdon are too numerous to mention, however here is a trail which commemorates some of the more notable individuals and places associated with Earlsdon watchmaking.

  1. John Flinn and Joseph White - Earlsdon House
  2. John Flinn's cottages
  3. John Hulme
  4. Arthur Morgan - Fairmount
  5. William and Joseph Richardson - Clarendon House and Westwood House
  6. John Hulk
  7. Thomas Pearson
  8. Henry Westrap - Earlsdon Villa
  9. James Walker - Woodlands
  10. Robert Waddington - Wythburn
  11. Robert James Pike - Cromwell House
  12. Leon Forestier - Geneve

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