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John Hulme 1817-1900

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Born 1817, in Knutsford, Cheshire, John Hulme became a master escapement maker. He learnt his trade in Liverpool and after serving his apprenceship he married and settled in the Liverpool area. Apparently the majority of escapements he made were shipped to Coventry for 'Coventry' watches and therefore he decided to move to Coventry. He took up residence in Spon Street in 1849. His business flourished sufficiently for him to purchase a plot of land on the corner of Clarendon Street and Arden Street, in the new development of Earlsdon. Here he built a substantial home and workshop. Sadly the original building was a victim of bombing during the Coventry Blitz.

He employed six men and four boys and had many outside interests. He and his wife had no children but they took a great interest in education, serving on the local school committee and acting as superintendant of the Methodist Sunday School. He was the mainstay of the Earlsdon Property Protection Association, formed to prevent the building of poor housing on the Earlsdon estate. According to his obiturary notice, published in the Coventry Herald on 3 February 1900, he was "affable and pleasantly spoken and agreeable in social life, he made many friends. He was a companion and a man given to forming binding friendships. Though a forcible speaker, his judgements were not rashly formed. His words were always carefully weighed. His natural energetic character found full scope in the demands of his business, with which he kept in intimate connection practically up to the day of his death. He was highly respected at Earlsdon and his many kindnesses and services to the district will not soon be forgotten."

Hulme was a life-long enthusiastic Liberal, the most popular political persusion amongst the watchmaking community.

From Brown Boots in Earlsdon by Mary Montes

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